Products and Sevices

The solutions provided by Senad for the logistics sorting industry include: front-end machines, in-process sorting equipment and end-of-line sorting equipment.

Front-end machines are for recording goods entering the sorting center. The machines are mainly DWS machines (automatic code scanning, weighing, and volume measuring). Senad DWS machines are capable to scan label codes from six sides, the recognition rate is greater than 99.9%, processing speed reaches 5000 parcels per hour, weighing accuracy is ±20 grams, and the cubic dimension accuracy is ±10 mm, which are leading in the entire industry.

In-process sorting refers to the sorting of goods that are circulating inside the sorting center. These machines are mainly the wheel sorting, cross-belt sorting system and the spider manipulate hand feeding robot. Senad has powerful production capacity, and the spider manipulate hand feeding robot has a feeding capacity of 1800-2000 parcels per hour.

The end sorting is mainly a solution of Singulation + automatic code scanning. At present, Senad can provide singulators with multiple solution of 4*6, 4*8, 6*8 and so on, with 5000-8000 parcels per hour, having been applied to many logistics Courier Express companies.


The machines and overall solutions take machine vision deep learning algorithms and robotic motion control as the core; and image processing algorithms, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, video analysis algorithms, ARM|FPGA|DSP embedded software & hardware development, industrial mechanical vision positioning, vision tracking, vision inspection, multiple sensor information fusion and other technical means as integration part to achieve the goal of "replace manual labor with robot". 

The information collected are accurate and objective. It is to be used for delivery cost pricing.

Currently widely used in courier express industry, E-commerce distribution centers, Tax-free warehouses, daily goods industry, as well medicine pharmacy industry, etc.

The Senad warehouse automation machines and equipments are to complete the increasing amount of courier express delivery and e commerce distribution, keep up with fast blossoming online businesses, and solve the problems of labor shortage, and bring the users easier warehousing in higher efficiency but lower labor cost.

code scanning
Vision recognizing barcode, capturing barcode and recording it in system
The system automatically measure the weight of the parcels and packages passing by.
Automatically read the cube dimensions (L*W*H) of the parcels and packages during conveying.
Photo taking
The Dimension Weigh Scan system will automatically take full-view photos of the parcels and packages and cut images of the barcodes or QR codes.
Data uploading
The captured information, barcode, weight, and dimensions can be sent to users' system
parcel separating and queuing
AI recognition of single item, conveying control to separate the huddled items and make the items convey in a queue.
There are swivel wheel sorters. They can deliver the parcels to the right ports and the sorting port can be added afterwards.
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Warehouse automation overall solution

Code Scanning Machines

Senad code scanning machines are usually applied in warehouse inbound and outbound sections. They are able to collect barcodes codes from several sides and store the data into system in seconds. Both barcodes (1D) and QR (2D) codes are readable. Hopefully at a high speed of nearly 20,000 parcels/hou...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Dimensioning Weighing Scanning machine

The dimensioning weighing scanning (D.W.S.) machines are functioned with a core system that is integrated intelligent visual cameras together with high accuracy weighing sensors and cubic 3D measuring linear structural light software. The system is to read the information of parcels/packages for shi...
Warehouse automation overall solution

E-commerce parcel sorting machines

As predicted in statista, the retail ecommerce sales amount will reach 5.4 trillion dollars in 2022 and 6.4 trillion dollars in 2024. That's a huge amount and large increase. With this trend, the online e-commerce businesses will have to speed up their distribution and transportation correspondi...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Parcel Singulation

With the rapid growth of e-commerce sales, the logistic companies have to deal with a large increasing number of parcels, bags and other packages. Manual singulation has already been no longer suitable,and getting worse during peaks. Time is profit. Automation is urgent needed.Parcel singulation is ...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Warehouse sorting overall solutions

The warehouse sorting overall solution is a fulfilment automation system, which is to integrate all necessary functions needed in the warehouse flows,including but not limited, truck unloading, conveying, singulating (parcel separating, queuing and conveying), dimension weight barcode information co...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Automatic warehouse conveying

Conveyor is an important part in warehouse automation. They are to deliver the goods,parcels and packages to the right destination. There are mainly two types of conveyors used in Courier Express and E-commerce warehouse center, one is belt conveyor, the other is roller conveyor. However, there are ...