Automatic warehouse conveying
Warehouse parcel conveyors

Conveyor is an important part in warehouse automation. They are to deliver the goods,parcels and packages to the right destination. There are mainly two types of conveyors used in Courier Express and E-commerce warehouse center, one is belt conveyor, the other is roller conveyor. However, there are many models of conveyors, and can be customized as per real condition.

Automatically conveys materials, goods, parcels and packages

Easy operation and maintenace

Stable running

Low noisy

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Warehouse automation overall solution

Telescopic belt conveyor

Telescopic belt conveyor is a conveyor with telescopic mechanism. Users can stretch in flexible certain lengths to achieve automatic loading and uploading in multiply distances.The telescopic conveyor can be used alone, or mated with an automatic weighing code sorting line. Non-movable telescopic be...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Parcel conveyor

Parcel conveyors are essential parts in warehouse automatization. There are mainly two types wide apllied. One is belt conveyor and the other is roller conveyors.They are to carry products, materials, packages or pallets from one place to another place automatically. Can be worked alone or integrate...