In-line automated sorting system
Sorting line system

The in-line automated system is an integration solution applied in Courier Express Parcel warehouse and E-commerce distribution centers. It integrates with Dimenison Weigh Scan system and sorter controling system, as well belt conveyors.

It is installed at the inbound or outbound area of a warehouse, and can be transformed to various shapes according to the features of the layout.

There are also different models to handle different sizes of the packages, for example, there are general range for E-commerce parcels and large packages for logistics industry, etc.

Installed with DWS system, dimensioning weighing scanning algorithms application

Real time system connection and data interchange

Automatically sort parcels and packages into the designated destinations

ODM service based on warehouse layout

Save labor-The machine will do the registration and sorting jobs instead of human labor

Reduce disputes caused by human errors

Improve warehousing efficiency at 100~300%

code scanning
Vision recognizing barcode, capturing barcode and recording it in system
The system automatically measure the weight of the parcels and packages passing by.
Automatically read the cube dimensions (L*W*H) of the parcels and packages during conveying.
There are swivel wheel sorters. They can deliver the parcels to the right ports and the sorting port can be added afterwards.
Data uploading
Both the data list and photos can be sent to the user's management system.
Photo taking
The Dimension Weigh Scan system will automatically take full-view photos of the parcels and packages and cut images of the barcodes or QR codes.
The warehouse space is limit. Can we still have a sorting line?

It depends. You can send the warehouse layout for our evaluation.

We have experiences in overcome limit space problems.

How many sorting exports can be done?

One sorter can deliver to three directions. It is customizable based on your practical needs.

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