E-commerce parcel sorting machines
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As predicted in statista, the retail ecommerce sales amount will reach 5.4 trillion dollars in 2022 and 6.4 trillion dollars in 2024. That's a huge amount and large increase. With this trend, the online e-commerce businesses will have to speed up their distribution and transportation correspondingly.

As the labor costs are rising, and the pressure of the supply chain is increasing, which requires faster, more accurate, and more responsive operating, automated sorting systems arose and become more and more integrated into the supply chain, bringing enterprises more productivity, throughput, accuracy and performance , and providing consumers with cost-effective and efficient logistics experiences.

Senad parcel/package sorting system improves response speed and enables warehouses and distribution centers to receive and deliver goods in a time, significantly reduces inventory. In the process of cross-docking and in-flow processing, after the container arrives, its parcels/packages can be delivered to the right ports by using the Senad sorting system. Retailers use this sorting system to process 90% of their parcels/packages. 

The Ecommerce retailers and 3DPL warehousing centers have been using Senad high-throughput sorting system to distribute parcels/packages for years, keeping the cost per box at a very low level. 

Senad are not only providing standard modular sorting machines, but also customizing upon real warehouse conditions(layout). With 10 years operation, Senad has designed sortation arrangements for various shapes and spaces of warehouses. You can consult our engineers and have free designs for your warehouse.

Integrated with DWS system, dimensioning weighing scanning algorithms application

Real time system connection and data interchange

Automatically sort parcels/packages into the designated destination ports

ODM service based on warehouse layout

Save labor-The machine will record the shipping details and sort automatically

Reduce disputes caused by human errors

Improve warehousing efficiency at 100~300%

code scanning
Vision recognizing barcode, capturing barcode and recording it in system
The system automatically measure the weight of the parcels and packages passing by.
Automatically read the cube dimensions (L*W*H) of the parcels and packages during conveying.
There are swivel wheel sorters. They can deliver the parcels to the right ports and the sorting port can be added afterwards.
Data uploading
Both the data list and photos can be sent to the user's management system.
Photo taking
The Dimension Weigh Scan system will automatically take full-view photos of the parcels and packages and cut images of the barcodes or QR codes.
The warehouse space is limit. Can we still have a sorting line?

It depends. You can send the warehouse layout for our evaluation.

We have experiences in overcome limit space problems.

How many sorting exports can be done?

One sorter can deliver to three directions. It is customizable based on your practical needs.

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