Parcel Singulation
Singulator 2

With the rapid growth of e-commerce sales, the logistic companies have to deal with a large increasing number of parcels, bags and other packages. Manual singulation has already been no longer suitable,and getting worse during peaks. Time is profit. Automation is urgent needed.

Parcel singulation is a system of vision recognization and robotic singulating of parcel bulk flows. Automation of this process can increase productivity, save costs and time, and reduce injuries. A robotic singulation and sorting system powered by artificial intelligence is becoming a necessity for logistics companies that want to keep up with ever-increasing e-commerce demands.

Enhancing both the capacity and the efficiency of the parcel handling process

Transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a singulated flow for high-capacity sortation

Specifically designed for automatic induction units and loop sortation systems (Pull system)

Power-saving efficiency through variable-speed drives and sleep mode

Adding control of the upstream and downstream parcel flows

parcel separating and queuing
AI recognition of single item, conveying control to separate the huddled items and make the items convey in a queue.
Photo taking
The scanners can take photos of the parcels or packages and extract code pictures.
Data uploading
Both the data list and photos can be sent to the user's management system.
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Warehouse automation overall solution

Parcel singulator

The parcel singulators are developed to meet the needs of handling with hugely increasing amount of logistics in logistic courier industry. It automatically separates huddled items to individual items and control the parcels delivered in a single stream and in a proper space. The system automaticall...