Code Scanning Machines
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Senad code scanning machines are usually applied in warehouse inbound and outbound sections. They are able to collect barcodes codes from several sides and store the data into system in seconds. Both barcodes (1D) and QR (2D) codes are readable. Hopefully at a high speed of nearly 20,000 parcels/hour.

These code scanning machines are installed over/on the belt conveyors. The belt conveyors receive parcels and packages from truck containers and conveys them under the vision of the code scanners. The code scanning machines then automatically recoginize which codes to read and capture photos for future references, and store the code lists and photos in both local computers and target warehouse management systems.

Here manifests the sole feature and advantage of the code scanning series: Dynamic scanning, in-line scanning, in-motion scanning.

Meanwhile, they can scan codes of the parcels and packages from one side or six sides maximumly, which are top side, left side, right side, front side, back side and bottom side separatedly. 

Here presents the second features of the code scanning series: multiple sides scanning largely reduces the work to tidy parcels. It is an easy but time-wasting, labor wasting job to set the codes upside one by one.

During operation, the collected codes are listed and displayed in the computer screen. When error arose, the error reason will be showed in the left lower section.

There are various means for system connections. Both the code list and photos can be sent to warehouse management systems(WMS), ERP, and database via various interfaces, such as HTTP, TCP,UDP,API and RS232 etc.

As its high reading efficiency, they make warehousing much more easier. They are now wide-spreadedly installed in Courier transportations centers, Express stations, E-commerce distribution centers, Grocery warehouses, and daily products warehousing.

Automatically recognize, capture,read and input 1D 2D codes
Automatically store the collected codes and upload to users' management system
Take photos of parcels and extract code pictures
Multiple directions scanning customizable
Scanning rate≥99.9%,
High speed dynamic scanning, efficiency up to 20,000 parcels/hour
Scan several parcels at the same time 

code scanning
Automatically scans the 1D 2D codes of the conveying parcels and packages.
The collected code data is llisted in excel file and stored in computer, and uploaded to users' warehouse management system at real time.
Photo taking
The scanners can take photos of the parcels or packages and extract code pictures.
Data uploading
Both the data list and photos can be sent to the user's management system.
How does the scanner capture the barcodes?

There is(are) barcode reading camera(s) in the equipment. The camera(s) is driven by smart algorithms to automatically capture, recognize, and read the barcodes at a dynamic(conveying) status.

What are the differences of each scanner models?

The code scanning machine can be designed in many shapes upon different requirements.

The familiar models are the top scanning machine, three-side scanning machine,five-side scanning machine and six-side scanning machine.

There are separatedly with one reading vision camera, three code reading vision cameras, five code reading vision cameras and six code reading vision cameras.

Model choice references:

Take into consideration of the conditions of labor and the consitency of label positions.

If there is enough labor to tidy the parcels and packages, you can select the top-side scanning model.

If there is lackage of labor and the labels are pasted radomly at each side of a parcel or package, you can chose the multiple sides scanning models according to the real conditions.

What are the differences between conveying code scanner machines and dynamic Dimension Weigh Scan machines?

Same points:

Scan and read the label codes automatically in a motion condition.

Take photos of parcels and packages, extract codes pictures.

Upload data to WMS, ERP, database at real time.

Different points:

Code scanning machines: Read codes and take photos

Dynamic D.W.S. machines: Read codes, measure weight and dimensions and take photos.

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