Warehouse sorting overall solutions
Overall dws sorting carton folding solution

The warehouse sorting overall solution is a fulfilment automation system, which is to integrate all necessary functions needed in the warehouse flows,including but not limited, truck unloading, conveying, singulating (parcel separating, queuing and conveying), dimension weight barcode information collecting, label printing, labelling, and intelligent sorting, RFID scanning and truck loading...

Multiple functional machines integrated

Data connection and interchange

Umanned warehousing operation

High efficient handling

Least delay in processing

code scanning
Vision recognizing barcode, capturing barcode and recording it in system
The system automatically measure the weight of the parcels and packages passing by.
Automatically read the cube dimensions (L*W*H) of the parcels and packages during conveying.
parcel separating and queuing
AI recognition of single item, conveying control to separate the huddled items and make the items convey in a queue.
There are swivel wheel sorters. They can deliver the parcels to the right ports and the sorting port can be added afterwards.
Data uploading
Both the data list and photos can be sent to the user's management system.
Photo taking
The scanners can take photos of the parcels or packages and extract code pictures.
What is automation in warehousing?

Warehouse automation is the process of automating the movement of inventory into, within, and out of warehouses to customers with minimal human assistance.

What does overall solution refer to?

Senad aimed to provide full automation solutions for warehouse management in Express courier companies and E-commerce distributing centers. Machines will complete the jobs instead of human, such as loading and unloading, conveying control, parcels and packages information collecting, automatic label printing and pasting,sorting and send to storage system, storage information checking, as well as warehouse-out registration and record,etc.

How do you automate logistics?

Automated goods in processes: 

Incoming goods can be marked with barcodes and the automation system notified of the expected stock. 

On arrival, the goods can be scanned and thereby identified, and taken via conveyors, sortation systems, and automated cranes into an automatically assigned storage location.

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Warehouse automation overall solution

DWS sorting overall solution

There are many industries and many companies are in need of DWS sorting system. Each individual company has his own warehouse handling routine. To meet the needs of various requirements, Senad has the capacity to design the most suitable DWS sorting system.DWS sorting overall solution is not only to...
Warehouse automation overall solution

WMS Software

WMS is a software applied in warehouse management system. There are different sections. We focus on DWS system and defect detection system.
Warehouse automation overall solution

Warehouse handling robot

The handling robots are intelligent designs to move materials from one place to another place without human operation. There is planned movement routine for the robots. There are forklift handling robot and Latent handling robot....