Parcel singulator
parcels singulators

The parcel singulators are developed to meet the needs of handling with hugely increasing amount of logistics in logistic courier industry. It automatically separates huddled items to individual items and control the parcels delivered in a single stream and in a proper space. 

The system automatically recognize the single parcel out from the parcel bulk flows, control the small pulling belts to repeatedly convey the frontest parcel first.

It is available to integrate with other automation equipments, such as split conveyor, merge conveyor, DWS equipment etc.

Single parcel identification and make records

Automatic control of conveying the frontest parcel first

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Single parcel recognition & conveying equipment

Single parcel recognition & conveying equipment

The equipment is an intelligent automation part applied in the arrival section of a receiving warehouse. It scans the piled packages, recognizies each single parcel, and controls the split belt conveyors to convey each parcel one by one in a certain gap....