Parcel conveyor
Warehouse parcel conveyors

Parcel conveyors are essential parts in warehouse automatization. There are mainly two types wide apllied. One is belt conveyor and the other is roller conveyors.

They are to carry products, materials, packages or pallets from one place to another place automatically. Can be worked alone or integrated into a warehouse automation line.

The conveyors can be designed in many versions and shapes. Senad engineers would select the right conveyor for your application.

Economic and practical, cost-effective;

Modular combination, easy to transport and maintain;

Reliable operation, low noise and safety;

Adjustable legs, wide application scope;

Surface electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance;

Adjustable convey speed;

Large load capability;

Lightweight design, fast installation

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Straight Belt conveyor

Straight Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is widely used in transportation of materials, bags, boxes and mail envelopes etc.
Powered roller conveyor

Powered roller conveyor

It is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, etc. It can transport the objects with large weight or large impact load. It is featured by large transportation volume, fast speed, and easy operation. Its outstanding characteristic is flexible to collinear shunt transport....