Dimensioning Weighing Scanning machine

The Dimensioning Weighing Scanning (D.W.S.) machine is designed with the functions of reading barcode,weighing items,and measuring the L*W*H dimension sizes. The equipment can be short as DWS equipment. Based on different application area, there are divided into two types, the static DWS and dynamic DWS.

Automatically captures and reads barcodes

Static or dynamic weighing items

Automatically measures the L*W*H dimensions of items

Volume weight are calculated

Intelligent sorting available

Item photo taking

What's the difference between Dimensioning weighing scanning equipment and conveying barcode reading scanning equipment?

The major difference lies on the function.

The conveying barcode reading scanning equipment is reading barcodes only.

The dimensioning weighing scanning equipment is not only reading barcodes, but also weighing the items, and measuring their L*W*H dimension sizes, as well as calculating volume weight.

One more difference is that dimensioning weighing scanning equipment can be made in static handling types, which are mainly designed to deal with the small parcels and packages.

However, the functions are flexible to be added or removed. Discuss your requirement conditions with our engineers for a more appropriate solution.

What is important when order a dimensioning weighing scanning equipment?

Tell engineers the maximum L*W*H dimensions of your items.

Check with engineers when you have special requests on size and/or weight accuracy.

Discuss with engineers if you need to add sorters, or printer,or singulators etc.

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