Dimensioning Weighing Scanning machine

The dimensioning weighing scanning (D.W.S.) machines are functioned with a core system that is integrated intelligent visual cameras together with high accuracy weighing sensors and cubic 3D measuring linear structural light software. The system is to read the information of parcels/packages for ship pricing, SKUs, and warehousing records.

Senad D.W.S. system is a data-capture software, stores data captured, merges it and sends it to the host IT application, such as WMS, ERP and Database etc.. With this capacity, the machines are connected with users' warehouse management system and interchange data. 

Meanwhile, the D.W.S. system are programmed with control software. Those designs allow the machines to perform multifunctioned, that is to say, not only reading barcode, weight and cubic dimension, but also sorting or integrating with sortation line systems. 

Upon the application areas, the D.W.S. machines are devided into two types. One is manual load type and the other is in-line/in-motion type. 

The manual load D.W.S. machines are all-in-one designs. Operators load the parcels/packages, the machines automatically read their shipping details, and sort or without sorting them.

The in-line/in-motion D.W.S. machines are designed with dynamic code reading, dynamic weighing and dynamic cube measuring features, together with moving belt conveyors. The parcels/packages can be loaded manually or delivered by the conveying system integrated. When the parcels/packages passing by, the dynamic D.W.S. machines will collect their barcodes, weights and cubic dimensions, and convey them to the next station, such as an integrated sorting machine or sorting line systems.

The hardware parts can be designated if one has special requests on the core parts, such as Sick or Hikrobot vision, SIEMENS controllers, Schneider electronics, SEW motors etc.

With over 10 thousands of selling amount, we are able to ensure the machines work stable and lasting. You can contact us for design, supply, install and support at ueser's unique requirements.

Automatically capture and read 1D 2D codes

Automatically measure weight and cubic dimension

Take photos of parcels/packages and codes

Connect and interchange with hosted system

Able to add parcel sorting

Other functions addable, such as label printing

What's the difference between Dimensioning weighing scanning equipment and conveying barcode reading scanning equipment?

The major difference lies on the function.

The conveying barcode reading scanning equipment is reading barcodes only.

The dimensioning weighing scanning equipment is not only reading barcodes, but also weighing the items, and measuring their L*W*H dimension sizes, as well as calculating volume weight.

One more difference is that dimensioning weighing scanning equipment can be made in static handling types, which are mainly designed to deal with the small parcels and packages.

However, the functions are flexible to be added or removed. Discuss your requirement conditions with our engineers for a more appropriate solution.

What is important when order a dimensioning weighing scanning equipment?

Tell engineers the maximum L*W*H dimensions of your items.

Check with engineers when you have special requests on size and/or weight accuracy.

Discuss with engineers if you need to add sorters, or printer,or singulators etc.

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