Senad is a high-new-tech enterprise concentrated on research & development and production of high-end warehouse automation equipments.

With the rapid developing of e-commerece economy, labor intensive companies face the embarass situation that are "Labor shortage,Labor expensiveness and Labor difficulty",especially the express courier logistic companies.

Our equipments take machine vision deep learning algorithms and robotic motion control as the core,and image processing algorithms,artificial intelligence,pattern recognition,video analysis algorithms, ARM|FPGA|DSP embedded software and hardware development,industrial machine vision positioning,visual tracking,visual inspection,multi-sensor information fusion and other technical means integrated,to achieve the goal of "replacing manual labor with robot". 

Technology makes production easier.

Our mission is to bring easier work, higher efficiency and lower cost to those companies with labor issues.We will constantly contribute in upgrading and developing new technologies according to practical application and provide high quality equipments and professional consultant services.

1. Warehouse automation technology R&D
2. System connection & integration
3. Automation control
4. Intelligent visual recognition
5. WMS WCS system
Courier Express & Logistics warehouse
E-commerece orders distribution
Automated packing integration
Groceries & stores warehousing
Medicine and pharmacy warehouse
Installation & Commissioning
Operating & Running
Maintenance management

* What information is needed for a consultation?

   First, tell the sales/engineers what would you like the equipment/system to do--the functions to be realized, such as, barcode reading, weighing,dimensioning,automatic parcel queuing and sorting, as well as truck loading & unloading,etc.

   Second, tell the sales/engineers what kinds of items to be handled. Are they carton boxes or baged packages or others? What're the range of their weights and dimensions?

   Third, the daily throughput. Engineers will recommend you the right machine as per your daily throughput or requested handling speed.

   Forth, check with the engineers the interface that is to connect with your warehouse management system. The collected information can be sent to your system.

   Fifth, If there is a sorting line to be needed, provide the flat layout of your warehouse so that engineers can figure out laying the equipments.

* Can we design as per your actual requirements?

   Yes, we can design to real requirements. We offer overall solutions based on warehouse layout.

* How can we know if the machine is compitable with our requirements?

    After the equipment is completed assembly,we can send you operating videos to show you all the points. After convid-19, inspection on-site is available.


  * Do you offer on-site installation and commissioning service?

     Yes, the modular equipment system will be sent with assembly drawings and online guidance. If requested, our engineers are able to support on-site.

* Is the operation system in English version?

   Yes, both the operation system and computer system can be made in English version.

 * Do you have manual to show how to operate the equipment?

   The equipments are designed to be easily operated. All buttons are clearly marked. E-manual can be provided.

* What kind of maintenance services provided.

       There is one year quality gurantee and maintenance manual is provided. Most of the maintenance can be solved by remote disgnosis and online guidance.

Enterprise spirit
Pragmatic, Innovative, United
Operation Philosophy
People-oriented, Sustainable operation,Focus on integrity,
Service philosophy
Thorough, Fast ,Effective
Quality Policy
Excellent quality, Continuous innovation, Image building, Customer satisfaction
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Senad is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development and production of high-end warehouse automation equipments. There are more than 50 patents of original inventation. The equipments are already certificated by ISO and CE. 

Except for technology and quality certificates, Senad also gained certificates from local goverment, such as High-new Technical Enterprises,Science and Technology Innovation Award, and Most Potiential Enterprise,etc.

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2 ISO Senad
1 DWS patents Senad