Warehouse automation overall solution
DWS sorting overall solutions

Senad provide warehousing automation overall solution services. We design the distribution of automated dimension weigh scan sorting conveying line system based on real warehouse layout.

Our warehouse automation solutions are designed to improve your warehousing operations, optimizing overall performance and productivity. Ranging from loading & unloading equipment to warehouse automation software interconnecting, we are your one-stop resource for planning, designing and implementing Automated sorting Solutions. These solutions mainly target space optimization, flexibility,function integrating and sorting capacity.


All of our warehouse automation solutions are designed to be flexible, comprehensive, and modular for 

your distribution centers. Our team works to understand your existing warehouse management process to 

develop the most efficient automation system that seamlessly integrates into your warehouse management 

system (WMS) and inventory management system.

Truck loading & unloading conveying

Tidy up pile packages,cartons,bags,parcels

Capture item barcodes(ID)for correct sorting, tracking 

Allocation of weight & dimension weight (Verify weight data for invoicing) 

Load planning Dimensions(Verify measurement data for invoicing) 

Load planning Dimensional Weight Divide volume by a dimensional factor to determine an objects

Sorting packages,cartons,bags,parcels to the designated stations

System connection

Customized other functions

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Warehouse automation overall solution

Five sides DWS matrix sorting system

The five sides scan DWS matrix sorting solution is an overall solution specially designed upon the logistic warehouse layout. It merges two conveying lines, automatically recognizes and inputs parcels information,and matrix cross sorts the parcels to various destinations.It is highly make use of the...
Warehouse automation overall solution

DWS sorting & folding line system for cartons

Warehouse carton DWS sorting & folding line system is a successful case implemented in a E-commerce warehouse center. It is the integration of each different functions of automation equipments,such as item information collection, for exmaple, packages or parcels barcode, courier companies needs ...