Warehouse automated conveying
Warehouse parcel conveyors

The warehouse automated conveyors are mainly used in the sorting and conveying system of the postal express industry, warehousing industry, and logistics transportation industry.


The warehouse automated conveyors transports packaged goods from the unloading point to one or more destinations along a certain line in a continuous manner. Mainly used for fast sorting and sorting of goods in express logistics centers, distribution centers, and transit centers. The conveying and sorting materials are mainly small and medium-sized parts, packages and other goods.

Move parcels from one place to another

Speed adjustable

Dispersing conveying available

Gathering conveying available

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Warehouse automation overall solution

Parcel singulation conveyor

With the rapid growth of e-commerce sales, the logistic companies have to deal with a large increasing number of parcels, bags and other packages. Manual singulation has already been no longer suitable,and getting worse during peaks. Time is profit. Automation is urgent needed.Parcel singulation is ...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Parcel belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is also known as belt conveyor line and belt assembly line. It realizes conveying items with the continuous movement of the conveyor belt. It can convey all kinds of bulk materials, but also convey all kinds of cartons, packaging bags and other single-piece goods with low weight, suita...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Parcel roller conveyor

The roller conveyor is a conveying equipment that are mounted with several rollers on a series of axles attached to rigid or telescopic frames. It can be made in powered and unpowered driven.Roller conveyor is suitable for conveying the material which has a flat bottom. It has advantages of large co...