Truck container loading & unloading
Telescopic belt conveyors

Telescopic belt conveyor is a type of belt conveyor with telescopic mechanism. Operators can stretch its telescopic conveyors into the truck container at flexible certain lengths, run the machine both forward and reverse, to achieve automatic loading and uploading of logistics parcels and packages at multiply distances.

Telescopic belt conveyor is an effective and ergonomic solution, alternative to labor handlings. There is an independent electric cabinet, as well as general buttons in the front. Operaters can run the machine inside truck container,which reduced unnecessary transportation routines and labor costs, as well as mistakes damages, and let it move the heavy or large packages into or out of truck containers rapidly. Largely improved the warehouse transportation efficiency of trucks, containers, ships, and aircraft.

The automatic telescopic belt conveyor is a necessary tool for modern logistics warehouses. It is mainly applied at the import and export of logistics warehouse. Can be used alone, or mated with an automatic dimension weigh scan sorting line. 

Telescopic belt conveyors are widely used in automatic loading and unloading transmission of logistics, express delivery, ports, terminals, stations, airports, warehouses, mining, post and telecommunications, electrical appliances, light industry, food, tobacco, and some group companies with large shipments.

Runs both forward and reverse to realize parcel loading & unloading

Telescopic mechanism allows the belt conveyor stretch into truck containers

Easy to install and operate

Low noise

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Telescopic belt conveyor non-movable

The telescopic belt conveyor is also called "Stretchable belt conveyor","retractable belt conveyor" or folding conveyor, loading conveyor & unloading conveyor. It is widely applied in loading & unloading truck container. It connects the truck container and the interal con...