Telescopic belt conveyor non-movable
telescopic belt conveyors

The telescopic belt conveyor is also called "Stretchable belt conveyor","retractable belt conveyor" or folding conveyor, loading conveyor & unloading conveyor.

 It is widely applied in loading & unloading truck container. It connects the truck container and the interal conveying system of warehouse and brings a seamless transportation. Therefore, it is a labor saving and time saving machine installed at the arrival or dispatch ports of a logistics warehouse. 

Meanwhile, it  can run forward and reverse to complete loading and unloading of logistic parcels and packages.

The non-movable telescopic conveyor is mounted into ground or a high steel platform during working so as to make sure, conveyor will run stably when it stretches out with a certain length. 

Realize loading & unloading items in one machine

With own control system

Its conveying length stretchable

By Solution
What does the telescopic belt conveyor do?

The telescopic belt conveyor is mainly applied in the arrival or dispatch point of a warehouse for loading and unloading.  

This conveyor has a telescopic mechanism. The opertator can stretch it at a flexible length according to the load & unload capacity.

When the courier truck arrived at the warehouse full of parcels and packages,the operator can start the the conveyor belt with a button at the end of the conveyor, and let it extending to a propriate position to the container, then the workers can load the parcels or packages onto the belt and the parcels and packages can be easily conveyed to warehouse at a high efficiency. Not another labor is needed at this station.

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