Warehouse parcel info e-inputing
Warehouse information

The automation equipments that are applied in the section of warehousing information record are mainly to read the barcodes, weigh and mearsure,as well as images are capture to retrieving reference.

There are barcode scanning machines, weighing scanning machines, dimensioning weighing scanning equipments. All the machines are to recognize and input the information to computer and can be sent to warehouse management system.

There are static weighing measuring & scanning machines and dynamic weighing measuring & scanning machines. They are installed in different warehouse conditions.

Logistics arrival parcels warehousing registration

E-commerce order distribution registration

Data can be sent warehouse management system in real time

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Warehouse automation overall solution

Warehouse barcode dynamic scan equipment

The bar code reading machine is usually applied in large throughput warehouse. It achieves high speed barcode, QR code collection for warehouse in or warehouse out registration.The collected codes are listed and displayed in its computer screen, what's more, photos of the items are taken during ...
Warehouse automation overall solution

Dimension weight barcode vision record

The dimensioning weighing scanning equipment is designed with the DWS system. The equipment can be short as DWS equipment. They are able to read barcodes, weigh items, and measures the L*W*H dimension sizes. There are mainly two types. One is static DWS equipment and the other is dynamic DWS equipme...