Warehouse packages sortation
Sorting line system

Equiped with DWS system

Automatic loading and unloading available to be integrated

Huddled parcels or packages recognition,separating and made them pass one after another

A gathering conveyor can be after the separator machine

Real time label printing and pasting

Intelligent sorting into various destinations

Palletizing can be integrated

Customization on the sorting line acceptable

The in-line automatic sorting system is a full automation handling system starting from the arrival of the parcels or packages to sorting destination. During those conveying processes, many solutions can be added, such as unloading/loading, conveying, huddled parcels or packages separating and queued conveying,gathering conveying, dimensioning,weighing and barcode scanning,exception detecting,label printing and label pasting, sorting and pallitizing etc.

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Warehouse automation overall solution

Dimensioning Weighing Scanning sorting line

Dimension Weigh Scan automation sorting line is used by logistic warehouses, 3PLs, and E-Commerce businesses to scan barcodes, measure L*W*H dimensions and weigh the packed orders, cartons and parcels at the point of dispatch, as well as calculate the parcel cubic volumes. This dynamic dimensioning ...