Dimension weight barcode vision record
Dimension weight scan equipments

The dimensioning weighing scanning equipment is designed with the DWS system. The equipment can be short as DWS equipment. They are able to read barcodes, weigh items, and measures the L*W*H dimension sizes. 

There are mainly two types. One is static DWS equipment and the other is dynamic DWS equipment.

The static DWS equipment and dynamic DWS equipment are divided upon application.

The static DWS equipment is designed for small parcels and can be made in various models. The models are mainly worked alone. 

The static DWS equipments are equiped with weight scale working platform or bi-directional moving belt conveyor(s).The static DWS equipment with belt conveyor(s) can sort parcels into several different stations after reading the parcel information, maximum 8 currently.

The dynamic DWS equiment is designed for warehouse conveying lines. They are usually worked with conveying lines and sorting lines to realize warehouse automation.

Talk with engineers to choose a right model for your warehouse.

Automatically captures and reads barcodes

Static or dynamic weighing items

Automatically measures the L*W*H dimensions of items

Volume weight are calculated

Intelligent sorting available

Item photo taking

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