Dimensioning Weighing Scanning sorting line
Sorting conveying line system

Dimension Weigh Scan automation sorting line is used by logistic warehouses, 3PLs, and E-Commerce businesses to scan barcodes, measure L*W*H dimensions and weigh the packed orders, cartons and parcels at the point of dispatch, as well as calculate the parcel cubic volumes.


This dynamic dimensioning weighing scanning sorting line system offers a speedy measurement of the packed dimensions and weight and reading barcodes on a moving conveyor, and integrates the automated sorting environments to deliver the parcels into the designated transport stations.


This eliminates the need for additional procedures as all data is captured in one go and can be sent to user’s server. Largely optimize the productivity with an automated conveyor line.

Automatically recognize and input parcel information

Capture parcel images

Sort parcels to the right designated destination port

Picking out the invalid parcels

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