DWS sorting & folding line system for cartons
Overall dws sorting carton folding solution

Warehouse carton DWS sorting & folding line system is a successful case implemented in a E-commerce warehouse center. 

It is the integration of each different functions of automation equipments,such as item information collection, for exmaple, packages or parcels barcode, courier companies needs to record their weighing,dimension sizes and volume weight; and item sortation, for example, the e-commerce companies, there are orders from various places, they have to sort them upon orders, and the sorting machine is to complete the sorting automatically under a certain rule.

The open carton with a completed order is sorted to the carton folding auxiliary equipment. The folding unit starts to fold the flaps of the carton and deliver it to the next station.

Dimension weight barcode information inputting

Carton sorting as per certain rules

Carton automatically folding

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