This is a warehouse sorting solution that has been implemented in Chile, designed by user themselves. 

Senad provides automation arrangement designs based on warehouse layout, and can also customize as per users' drawing. The target is provide comfort, convenient and cost effective solutions.

Collect barcodes, weights, dimensions & pictures
Sort into two separate conveying lines
Pick out the abnormal packages
Read barcodes from five directions

The parcels are separated from each other at the head; only one parcel is weighed, read and measured by the machine at one time; then the five-sided scanning weighing dimensioning machine captures the barcodes, weights, and dimensions, as well as photos of the parcels; the system will sort the parcels into two separate conveying lines, and double checked the information by re-scan the barcodes.

Senad will assemble each sorting line in factory. Do commissioning and testing before shipment. Make sure every operation is correctly setted.