This is a higher degree of automation solution applied in large logistics and ecommerce companies to cope with the boomly increased parcels and packages. It integrates automatic parcel singulating system, Dimension Weigh Scan (DWS) system and parcel sorting system. It brings easy but high efficiency warehousing management.

In front of the parcel singulator, there is a feeding section. All packages and parcels can be loaded on it. 

The conveyor will pass the parcels and packages to the singulator, the singulator separates the huddled packages one by one in order and the centralized roller conveyor delivers the parcels and packages to the center, the packages and parcels are then made to move at a single line and keep in a certain gap, then the dimension weigh scan machine receives the parcel stream and acquires their shipment details one by one in a second and gives instruction to sorting machine to them to the right exit ports separatedly.

Allign piles of parcels in order
Centralized conveying
Dimensioning Weighing Scanning
Parcel sorting
Integration and automation
Read barcodes from 6 directions

Facing the double pressure of arising labor cost and heavily increased parcels, as well as the competition of peers, logistics companies have to speed up their warehousing and delivery. Automation is the only way to work out all the challenges.

We designed an automation system based on above mentioned conditions, barcode conditions, daily throughput and warehouse layout, as well as project budget. Now this automation system is hot in market.

package singulator sorter

In this automation solution,  it integrates parcel singulating system, Dimension Weigh Scan (DWS) system and parcel sorting system.

1.  Parcel singulating system, transfer huddled packages to single stream                                                                         

     Parcel singulating system is developed with the integration of deep learning intelligent camera and 3D area-array camera, with the deep learning algorithms and 3D process technologies, it realizes real time positioning exactly, meanwhile with the intelligent control system, it realizes the control of modular split belt conveyors to separate each parcels one by one in order.

2.  Parcel Dimensioning Weighing Scanning (DWS) machine, acquire conveying barcodes, weights and dimensions  

    There are three stages in this section: parcel accelerating, dimensioning weighing scanning and information treatment conveying. Each section has its functions. Parcel gap is widened at accelerating section so that only one parcel will be passed to the dimensioning weighing scanning stage. The dimensioning weighing scanning stage is where the system acquire the shipment details, such as barcode, weight, dimensions, photos and update the information to user's system.There are six smart cameras with this line, assuring no barcodes are missed. The information treatment conveying is where invalid and abnormal parcels and packages are handled with.

3.  Parcel sorting system, deliver parcels to the right exit ports                                                                                            

     The sorting machines are to excute the instructions to deliver the parcels to the right exit ports. Sorting machine can be mated with belt conveyors. When one ordered our integrated sorting line, he will receive the machines in several small entire parts. Put the entire parts in order and joint them with the numbered wire heads.