Overcome technical difficulties. Senad worked out the high accuracy equipment for an E-commerce customer
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High accuracy DWS equipment with eight sorting destinations


The DWS equipment with eight sorting destinations is originally designed for small-sized packages logistic information automatic input and destination sorting. It is one of the economic and favorable choices for e-commerce companies.


At the early March of 2020, our customer contacted us with his tougher requirement.

“To be honest, we had already contacted with several suppliers, and we are still getting touch with them, and you are recommended to me by one of my friend” he said,” if you could meet our needs, the order will be yours.


The customer is an e-commerce company. They requested the machine to excute the functions of dimensioning, weighing and barcode scanning, with a weighing accuracy at +/-3~5g and sorting to eight different destinations. At last, we won the bid and had been installed in use.


Senad is a developing enterprise, full of innovative spirit to meet customers’ needs.

High accuracy DWS equipment rev