Congrats! Senad was rated the High-New-Technology Company
Release time: 2020-09-14     |     219 Time to browse

Senad Was Rated As a High-New-Tech Enterprise

High-new-tech enterprises are referred to those resident enterprises that registered more than one year in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan). These high and new technology enterprises do continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements that are mentioned in the "High-new-tech Fields specially supported by the State", which form the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprises, and they carry out business activities on this basis. It is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entity. Senad was successfully rated as a high-tech enterprise on October 8, 2019. Senad will uphold its own corporate spirit, continuously innovate, and contribute to the society.

High-new-tech Certificates