Cubiscan dimensioning weighing scanning machine

Cubiscan dimensioning weighing scanning machine is a low-cost model but with full functions that are requested in parcel warehousing sections, such as warehouse inbound and outbound.

It is not only a weighing scale?

This machine can not only weigh the parcels, but also read the barcodes, measure the dimensions, as well as capturing photos for tracking references.

It is not only a scanning and measuring machine?

This machine can not only scan and measure the parcels, but also connect with users' warehouse management systems. It can send the collected barcode, weight and dimension information to WMS softwares, such as ERP, Database and others.

It is a different cubiscan. Most of the cubiscan is mainly to weigh and measure the dimensions automatically, and scan the barcode with a handheld scanner. It has a code reading camera on the top, which can automatically read the barcodes within 1 seconds.

It is a high cost-effective model. We strongly suggest to use one in every Express offices and stations and E-commerce warehouses. Senad can also customize to customers' special requests, such as higher accuracy, mini products or larger parcels.

Can you connect the DWS system with our warehouse system?

Yes, we will assist you to connect the DWS system with your warehouse system, and update the data list to the warehouse system in time. The interface types are including HTTP, TCP, and RS232, etc.

How should we start after the machine arrived?

The machine is shipped in assembled condition. The operator can start to run the machine directly by putting the machine into power, starting the computer, and opening the DWS App in the desktop. The machine is commissioned and tested before shipment.