Parcel dimensioning weighing scanning sorting machine

This is a Dimensioning Weighing Scanning machine with sorting conveyor. We also named it DWS machine, DWS sorting machine, and static dimensioning weighing scanning machine, cubiscan machine, cubiscan sorting machine.

It can read the label barcodes, weigh the parcels and measure the L*W*H dimensions automatically, and then sort the parcels into two directions. 

Senad applies patented smart system, uses high quality vision parts, high accuracy weighing sensors and designs a superior and safe appearance according with ergonomics. That makes the machine widely accepted in market.

The collected data are objective and accurate, and sent to users' warehouse management system or database at real time. Logistics companies can use the data to calculate their ship price directly.

The machine is fully assembled, commissioned and tested before shipment, and none on-site installation needed. It's easy to operate and maintain. 

There are different models to handle different sizes and functions. The standard model is initially designed for small and light packages, such as Courier bagges, Express cartons, E-commerce parcels, etc. Customization for larger sizes and more functions is available.

Hot application areas: Courier, Express, E-commerce, Third party logistics